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Project Management Best Practices


On Demand Webinar – 50% Discount

Despite decades of research confirming common causes of project failure, 50-70% of projects still fail, depending on the surveys you examine.   According to the Project Management Institute and others, 10% or more of every project dollar is wasted at a rate of $1m every ten seconds.  Until organizations value project management and adopt a continuous improvement mindset, this problem will not go away.  This presentation examines project management best practices to avoid the top causes of project failure.  Adopting or strengthening these practices will improve project success over time. This workshop is critical for senior executives, managers, PMO leaders, and project managers seeking to enhance business and project success.


Project Management Best Practices for Accidental Project Managers


December 13, 10 AM PST, 1 PM EST

Live Webinar – 50% Discount

Accidental project managers often fail at managing a project before they seek help.  Sometimes they may receive the support of their employer, but more often, they simply do not know where to start.  This presentation will help accidental project managers understand that project management best practices can avoid project failure.  This workshop is critical for accidental project managers and the senior executives, managers, and others that manage project managers.


Project Cost Management Virtual Book Launch Event

PPC Group, LLC

23 June 11 am PDT

Join Ray Frohnhoefer and Inham Hassen, co-authors of Project Cost Management: Principles, Tools, Techniques, and Best Practices for Project Finance, for a virtual book launch event.


BUSA-40971 – Elicitation Techniques for Business Analysis

UC San Diego Online Course

9 January – 17 February 2023

The Essentials of Business Analysis course introduced the role of the Business Analyst and surveyed the five domains of business analysis practices. This course delves into three specific and related skills related to business analysis: Elicitation – how to best draw out information from stakeholders and other sources; Documentation – the creation of culminating documents from the requirements collection process and how to best manage them; and Communication – how to communicate requirements in stakeholder-friendly formats. Coursework will include opportunities to learn and practice the following: analysis of reports, facilitation of focus groups, administration of surveys, and creation of prototypes.

BUSA-40970 – Project Cost Management

UC San Diego Online Course 2023

13 February – 9 April

Project Cost Management covers the financial strategies and cost-management best practices for successful projects, emphasizing estimating, budgeting, and cost control. Concepts and tools are studied and applied in practical coursework, including group projects. Topics include the role of cost management in project initiation, project cost management planning, project budget development, project cost control, and project financing.  The course culminates in examining case studies of real projects, demonstrating a variety of cost management principles.

Overall, the course emphasizes practical skills rather than theory and project-based learning over lectures.

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